From idea to implementation, feels like a marathon!

Hi everyone,
Hans Peter and I were just running through Amsterdam as we came to speak about the experience I had participating in an Amsterdam Guided citywalk. HP had about the same experience in the USA but that was not about walking but running!
Don’t ask me why, but somehow we felt that we should put even more presure on our spare time and develop the same in Amsterdam. The idea was so charming and the task so challenging that we just could not let it go.
During the start up phase, it clearly showed that HP and I were able to work together smoothly. HP has great technical skills and developed a fantastic website (check it out: ) . We are about 12 weeks away from our first tourist runs in April and we are nicely on track! Our company is registered at the Amsterdam Chambre of Commerce, we have a Postbox, a faxnumber, a well developed marketing plan and most of all a good mindset to get the rest done according to planning.
As soon as our bank account is live, we can finish our booking form.

So next we’ll have our testrun at Feb, 6th with our friends from the triathlon club and a photographer for some nice pics for the website. Can’t wait!

We’ll keep you posted.