Promoting our business

Spring is in the air and more and more tourists are coming to Amsterdam. The last couple of weeks we have been working on promoting our running tours. Sightseeing running tours are new in Amsterdam, so we have to work hard to make sure all the runners know we exist. Marketing is fun. We can target a large audience. According to research, in 1999 8% of the Dutch population went out for a regular jog in the park. In 2007 the amount of runners has increased to 18%. There is no reason to believe this is any different in other countries. So almost 1 out of 5 visitors coming to Amsterdam could participate in our running tours.
Our promotion has not gone unnoticed. You can now find us on The Seattle Times, Le Temps, Giromania, Expatica, Global Running Tours and Miami Herald. We have created our flyers and distributed them in a number of hotels in Amsterdam.
Our “Yes we ran – Amsterdam” ™ Tshirts are ready and up for sale on our website and available on our tours.
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