Review Brooks Adrenaline ASR12 GTX

I did my first major run on my new trail shoes the Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12 GTX.Brook Adrenaline ASR12 GTX
So far I only did 6Km or 12Km loops in town. It was time for the real deal, so last weekend I participated no-limits Kempen trail run in Bladel.
First a little something about the run. The trail run is in Brabant the south of the Netherlands, close to the Belgium border. We went down with a group of friends. You can run 11Km, 17Km or 33Km. We opted for the 33Km. The track is in beautiful nature, although in the Netherlands a big road or the highway is never far away. We didn’t cover any significant altitude, but that didn’t make it easy. On the track we had mud, sand, leaves, sometimes these killing 10 little bumps of half a meter in a row etc etc. Good terrain to test the shoes. The Brooks Adrenaline ASR 12 GTX is my first pair of trailing shoes and the Kempen trail was my first trail. I really enjoyed the low profile of the event. With a group of 80 participants it was its easy going on the single tracks within a few minutes.
The shoe performed well. Good grip on slippery terrain and solid enough sole so you do not feel the tree roots that much. I do think the Goretex makes the shoe quite warm. I would recommend it as a winter trailing shoe. If you are not used to Brooks running shoes get them 0,5 a size bigger then your Mizuno’s or Asics. My feet survived the 3 hours and 20min run with just one blister. I think that happened because a) the shoes are almost new and b) the front of the shoe is a bit narrower then I am used to. Looking forward to the next run!