Review Odlo Astaire track pants

I am 1m80 and my weight is 66Kg and I am looking for a new running pants. A loose fit track pant I can use when I go running with tourists in Amsterdam. After trying my different brands and models I selected the Odlo Astaire.
these are not running pants
First let me tell you what is wrong with most pants for somebody my size. The answer is simple; if the have the right length they are to wide and look like a Vollendammer fishermans pants, if the pant has the right width the legs are too short and it looks like a 3/4 pant.

The Odlo Astaire got it ALL right. A nice slim fit around the waist and around the legs and sufficient length. The material is light weight and give some stretch. It gives a very free feeling when moving around. It is not too warm.If you want use it as track pants for warming-up please note that the zippers at the lower end of the pants will not allow you to take of the pants when you still wear your running shoes.

You will see me running around in my Odlo pants a lot in Amsterdam this winter.odlo_astaire_trackpants

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