Running in Amsterdam in its many forms (March 2011)

When we are not running with tourists in Amsterdam we help out with pacing marathon training groups.
Last Sunday we got together at AAC for a 30Km slow paced run.
The long runs are most important when preparing for a marathon and most runners run them too fast. If your marathon target time is 3:30 then your competition pace is ~5min/Km. You should run your long runs at at least 30sec/Km slower.
To help marathon runners prepare for the Rotterdam Marathon AAC organizes 4 trainings at a 3 week interval with the distances 20Km/25Km/30Km/35Km. These trainings are part of larger initiative the “Road to Rotterdam trainingslopen”. Running with a group at a steady pace helps you get through the difficult long runs. Next rendez-vous is the 27th of March 2011.

Trainingsloop Spijkenisse