Sustainability check

Hi everyone!
We’re just two and a half month away from our first official run. We’re right on track. I’m a bit lazy every now and then but HP keeps on running the program at Usain Bolt speed. Thanks to him, we are now on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and more. I try to keep up with texts and network associates helping out with graphics.
And so we finalised our flyer design, companycards, t-shirt design and much more. The website is done in English (if you need English translations contact Moira) and French (merci!) and we’re halfway in Dutch. Gibst auch Deutsch Ubersetzers unter Ihr?
Next we’ll run the Guides training program, work on the safety chapter and gradually start up the Marketing program. Exciting stuff. I’ll visit the hotels, HP will start mailing press, clubs, tourist organisations and more. We have to be careful since the impact must be monitored and the capacity required must be managed properly.

Best of all, we will be as sustainable as possible. The only thing we burn is calories. We use as little paper as possible.