Test run: challenging but big fun

By doing the testrun at Feb, 6th 2010 our Tourist run is half born. The product is evolving strongly thanks to the contribution of our test team. We found out that heading the group to lead them, give safety instructions and inform them about the beautiful sights is just a bit too much. So next we’ll use one guide as safety marshall, heading the group and giving safety instructions, while the other positions himself in the middle of the group and give tourist information.
Furthermore, the reflecting safety vests and a first aid kid with instant coldpack are no luxury given the numbers of obstacles on the track. Nevertheless, we are convinced we can organise a safe and pleasant trip if we give the correct instructions and take all the necessary precautions.

The group was clear about the route. Beautiful, they learned a lot, good lenght. We just might to skip a small part in the South of Amsterdam. We’ll add the antique area opposite of the Rijksmuseum. Breathtaking and that’s not the result of the running pace 🙂

Our first paying client showed interest. He’ll get a custom privat tour for a small price. Ambitious guy, he wants to set the pace at 12 k per hour. Takes a lot more to worry me, though.

Sorry guys, gotta run!