Yes we ran Amsterdam

Yes we ran Amsterdam today.

Tee sun was shining. Bit chilly but perfect circumstances for a run with two fathers and their daughters. They came from Minneapolis, Minnesota and surely enjoyed the ride, uhh run. Unluckily, one father twisted his anckle a little on the edge of the sidewalk. So, we have to stay cautious..

We did some serious research, HP and me. Together with a group of friends we were offered a tour behind the scenes in the van Gogh Museum. We learned a great deal about van Gogh and his live and art. What a life, what a master. Breaking with the ordinairy every now and than and following what you believe in can be very rewarding. If not in your own life, then afterwards..

Second run with 5 collegues. My friend photopgrapher Peter de Jong made some stunning pics along the way. Our website will become even prettier with them.

The city is filled with tourists, lots of them took their gear along. If only they knew about our offer. The Americans found us in a small article in a Minnesota Newspaper. We’ll do more of that!

We’re also thinking about alternative routes. A gay run perhaps? We’ll see.

First: Champagne!!!

Gotta run…